• a_crow 5w

    The Men are held by Chains

    My existential crisis: my manhood
    Examples are placed before me
    Of men. Those strong, successful, handsome,
    Devilish, virtuous, confident--the usual it seems.

    How do I compare? How am I to stand
    Before the standards set by the dead?
    The traditions, The customs, The principle
    Of manhood, not accustomed to my body or soul.

    My complaints, my failures to uphold these standards
    Overshadowed by the “fairer sex”
    Who am I to feel chained by the standards of society?
    When the branding iron of acceptable behavior
    Only sears the hide of femininity

    The standards of my sex are not invisible
    The utility of men, the success of men
    There are no bounds to the fortunes
    By which I am compared

    Men are taught to be expendable.
    The Tools of work, the Tools of play,
    The stepped-on and dirty
    Yet, the struggles of men are “soft”

    Men are not privileged by sex,
    Rather the few men
    Unbent by the weight set upon them
    Bathe alone in the powers granted by masculinity.

    When will we realize
    That men and women are beaten at the same whipping post.