• the_strong_one 33w

    Astro for life❤��. Universe is Eternal ❤��. When it comes to Passion, age is just a number.
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    I am just stuck down here while there is so much amazing things going in the Outer Space. I really wish to go to the Outer Space and be there till Eternity. You know when I gaze at the sky, I get a different feel like I am tasting the whole damn sky. When I see the stars and the moon, I promise them one day I will come there and give a visit. The beauty of the Universe is not something which can be described that easily. The stars which brightens up the whole Universe to give even more beauty to it. You may think The Universe is something complicated but, for me Universe is my love and I communicate with it everyday. I am that Astro who is stubborn to my dream and I will never change it for anyone.