• hiddensmiles17 22w

    Painted Smile

    I smile and I laugh when appropriate
    I cry when it gets too much
    I play along even though my heart's not in it
    I work even if I don't want to

    But sometimes it gets too much
    I go back to hide in my corner
    Put thinner on my lips
    And wipe away the painted smile

    Sometimes I wish I wasn't born
    Sometimes I wish I could just die
    Sometimes I wish I wasn't alive
    Sometimes I wish I was better

    It all falls down to one cause
    Myself and only my own
    I think deeply when I don't have to
    I try to see behind closed doors

    Because of this I have lived miserably
    Because of this I shouldered the weight
    Because of this I don't recognise myself
    Because of this I feel lost and alone

    When the time comes though
    I hear a call and I respond
    I force myself to stand up
    With my painted smile back on