• latasharma 5w

    We all are broken souls
    In constant denial of our misery,
    We all are the homeless birds,
    Singing our voids out,
    Yet, we have no courage to fly
    and search for our homes.
    Trying to find refuge in this materialistic world
    Some find it in nature and some in technology.
    We all are slowly becoming the small boxes of unending information and emotional unavailability,
    Where our emotions have no emoticons to express exactly what we truly feel.
    We live in a world of irony,
    Where scientists are trying to put human traits like kindness and love into the artificial intelligence and humans are becoming more rude and stone hearted.
    Where listening to meaningless music is cooler than the meaningful and soulful ones,
    Or reading a piece of poetry.
    Where we all are walking dead,
    Watching movies full of robots and zombies.