• msushil 6w

    Incurable disease:
    I accept your invitation
    with alacrity.
    With no gloom,
    I want to witness
    your bridal outfit on the altar.
    I have no qualms,
    you are going to form
    your new world, and
    I am going to stay
    with my limitations.
    How limited I am
    that I can't tell you to forget me!
    How selfish I am that
    I can't tell you to wipe me
    from your memory!
    Remember me,
    when the unruly breeze
    will touch you
    in spite of your efforts,
    remember me
    when the naughty rain
    will drench you
    in spite of your actions.
    Yes, I will be that breeze,
    I will be that naughty rain.
    I smile and tell to my silence
    'thank you very much,
    Oh! God,
    the omnipotent,
    for this transient life
    and thank you very much
    for showing your inability
    to save me from the incurable disease.'
    Yes, I am going to die,
    but I will come
    as the unruly breeze,
    I will come as opportunistic rain
    to touch you Oh!my diamond.

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