• lady_leo 24w

    To my very own serendipity...
    Chapter 4

    I bet everyone can relate to this, you know the feeling of switching off the alarm and sleeping for some more time, just for the hell of it. Begging your mom to let you sleep for just a little bit longer, now tell me isn’t it the best sleep you ever experienced, the extra few minutes of heaven. Well, every moment with him gave me the feel of tarriance, a need to stay a little longer in his presence, to talk to him a little longer, to be a part of his thoughts a little longer. To be honest I felt privileged to be a part of his thoughts, as if just being there made me special in some way.
    Most of the fairy tales always present their Prince charming as the epitome of perfection while in reality perfection is just a myth, there is a dark side of everyone, there is good and bad in everyone, a constant war between God and Satan, at the end of the day all that matters is if you choose to be Michael or Lucifer. I wanted to get to know both the sides of him, not just the part that makes me all gooey and mushy from the within but also the part that will make me furious. Even if the bad weighed over the good I wanted to be capable of being mad at him at the same time be madly in love with him. Does that sound crazy?
    In the tiny miny time we shared together, we weren’t with each other physically, even in phone the conversations weren’t a lot but this guy found a way to sit royally on my brain and rule over it. I have no shame in admitting that in this short span, I had actually managed to conjure up a life with him in my head. A life where I will have to tiptoe every time I wanted to kiss him because he is fucking tall, a life where he would be my Gulliver and I would be his Lilliputian, a life where we curl up in the barcalounger and watch all possible TV series, a life where I could wake up to him and go to bed with him, a life where I would make him laugh, a life where I could be jealous of the Lab cuddling my man more than me, a life where I would be able to proudly say that he is mine and I’m his.
    I’m thankful for the little time we shared; though I wish I could have stayed longer. We were two flawed individuals who fit perfectly like a jigsaw. He saw me the way I wanted to be seen, he made me feel the way I wanted to be felt, he made me laugh, he made me comfortable and he healed me just a little bit.