• window2mysoul 6w

    Broken smile"

    If you could look inside the chambers of my heart you would maybe see Its nothing but pain ,it's hold rips every part of me ,I am barely breathing with a broken smile ,but No one opens their eyes to see ,I can't bare another mile ,They say don't speak on my hurt ,hide it ,bottle it ,bury it in the dirt, or better yet ,tell me get over it ,but how can my heart forget ?,people are quick to say I feel sorry for myself ,rather than offer sympathy instead kick me down like everyone else ,You know only my name ,but not a piece of my story ,we may all be alive ,but aren't one in the same ,If my heart could speak out loud ,then would you listen?Im a heart that longs to be loved ,let you tell it I am looking for attention,The truth you run from is surreal ,You will never understand me ,because my suffering you never had to feel .
    Written and copyrighted By Mary Magee ( Mary Holt) #window2mysoul @ mirakee.com