• bhavyaaa 5w

    Nanu Nani

    It is so beautiful how we start getting to know the small ways our parents and grandparents have shown love and commitment towards each other in their yester years; especially when no one in the family speaks openly about love or marriage or anything minutely romantic.

    So, my Nana ji was an airforce engineer and his job required him to stay away from home for months and months on end. He was married young to my Nani ji but did not really have a conventional 'married life' because of his erratic schedules and geographical distance. Besides, we all know how terrible communication and transport was back then. One day, while he was miles away from home, his friends set up an after work party. Not so surprisingly, there were also women in the room. They were dressed to impress and seduce, and were making subtle advances on the handsome airforce engineers!

    While narrating this, my Nana ji said, 'in that moment the only thought in my heart was that my wife back home, is the most beautiful woman of them all. She's perfect in all her simplicity and none of these women stand a chance against her.'

    He left the party that evening and slept just fine. Honestly, there couldn't have been a better gesture to make. Even if my Nani would've never figured out, Nana ji never let his relationship get stained. He could've had an exciting night but he chose the unquestioning simplicity of his marriage. It was not about a small adventure for him, he knew where his home was and he never went 'too far' or 'far enough' from it.