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    Melancholic aura of mine , steamed in the pages of my old diary, dust and my tears mixing creating a crisp despondency in the zephyr of nostalgia.

    Flickering candles of hope
    Burned my hands as I touched them
    Absorbing my painful tears
    They twinged my orbs badly
    My teeth bruising the softness
    Of my crisp levrès (lips)
    Crushed down brutally
    Like pieces of broken mirror
    Skipping the pages of my mind's diary
    I looked out from the window of dreams
    Decorated the wall of my sleepless,
    Lonely, dark nights with tears
    A question popped up in my mind
    "The zephyr to the tiny sparkling stars
    The glimpse of past to the near future
    Are you worthy of LIVING?"

    The ODOUR of blood rushing through my veins hits my nostrils. "FLICKERING THOUGHTS, steamed in the pot of SHACKLED DREAMS, they cooked up my life with many bitter dishes named as JEALOUSY AND BETRAYAL".

    The question about my unworthy existence . I ask many times to myself . Someone's harsh and hurtful words break me down each time.

    "You were a deep POESY for me . I try to read and understand you . But now I'm tired. I changed your words, syllables and metaphors. I created another POESY. Easy to understand. She is pure, Beautiful. No bruises. But as I observe you my eyes get disgusted by your appearance. You are an old POESY for me now. I don't have time to understand why the writer wrote YOU ".

    YES, my existence doesn't matter
    I totally agree I'm not worthy
    To unpack the small gifts
    Of this fruitful life
    Maybe his words were true
    An old & meaningless POESY I'm
    With empty words, rusty pages
    Me, an average looking girl
    Is nothing in front of SHE
    white as snow, dark black hair
    I still remember, he loved my eyes
    Every time he praise them
    The fool me think I'm worthy
    I blush hard tinting my cheeks rouge
    Giving him the chance to think
    That yes, this girl is totally DUMB
    I'm happy , he is away & safe from me
    A tear of glee freed from my cils
    The pain of love, broken trust , nostalgia
    Creeping the desert of my bruised HEART .

    Painting my heart with the nail polish of nostalgia. Cracking my thoughts to give scars to the barren land of my LIFE.

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    Apni qurbat e janan ko apna hi sitamgar smjh k
    Furqat ko ishq e ghum ka muntazir kia
    Lakeeron ko apnay hathon ki zarb e tnhyi de k
    Muhabbat e dil ko apny jazbat s hmesha k lye mita dia.