• lakshitakandpal 35w

    It's only when the bud feels it's trapped in a dark, restricting dome,
    it blossoms into a flower.
    Got your heart broken or the bones?
    Pascale doesn't increase
    and your address is just a house not a home
    or whatever the situation is,
    giving up just is not the solution.
    Your mother didn't give up while giving birth to you despite the immense pain.
    Then how can you let all her efforts go in vain.
    Remember my love,
    You are a warrior, a fire-raging dragon
    whose existence has to have a purpose.
    You are not sent here to remain stuck with all the lousy, dank stuff.
    Oh look !!
    How beautiful the flower has blossomed.
    By the way, it too at first thought to give up.

    -lakshita kandpal