• i2rhyme 50w

    THE KEYS #6

    I was on vacation in the Florida Keys
    The sun shine bright with a gentle breeze
    I decided to take a walk by the ocean
    The scenery was so beautiful it filled me with emotion
    As I walked through the sand, camera in hand
    I took pictures of this beautiful land
    I mapped out the places of interest to me
    Took photos of all that I could see
    The weather suddenly started to change
    Thunder and lightning with such rage
    My camera was getting wet, I forgot my bag
    I ran to a nearby restaurant and asked for a rag
    I decided to use the restroom and look in the mirror
    My face was so sunburned I could hardly bare
    The rest of the trip I stayed out of the sun
    Overall I had so much fun.

    Laurene Woods Labriola
    ©i2rhyme #2