• sujatahansda 11w


    Isn't this Nature's way of telling:

    "Wash Away Your Sins,
    Cover up Your Gossipy Mouth,
    Stay Away from One Another,
    You're Certainly Not
    A Social Animal.!

    Though You Created the Discrimination,
    Today all are Lining Up on the Same Boat;
    Praying for Life.

    Such Stupid Mammal!

    So Sanitize Your Sanity,
    Health Matters, not Vanity.
    Agile Humans, Fragile Humanity.
    Kill Germs and the Inhumanity.

    The Hatred - is the real Pandemic,
    That was already on the Screen!
    Nature Now Replied You Mean
    And Yet, You Blamed the COVID 19!"

    // Peace //