• cassandra_marie_zois 6w

    Help for a Target?

    Targeted I don't know why
    I have become lost in my circumstances and the tears that I cry
    I don't know why
    Chosen to look as if I don't care
    Chosen in a life that is already unfair
    I don't know why
    I'm supposed to be stronger and smarter
    I'm supposed to be a better person
    My life isn't my own
    These are truths I wish weren't known
    I feel so alone
    No one can see how much I do care
    I'm seen as only vain and lazy
    I've been handled to look this way
    Does anyone hear when I ask for help
    Let me be crystal clear I'm screaming for help
    I don't want to be targeted or chosen in this way
    Can not one person hear me in my pain or the words that I say
    I know that their are those that can see, that know the truth please help me I have still got family that need to know I care and love them!
    Don't let me stay lost don't let them become lost because of my inability to Handel being targeted the right way
    Please I have been pleading for a long time
    I am not just an empty vacant mind
    Why was I chosen to be this way?
    The answer isn't mine
    Someone please hear these words that I say....