• paradoxroutine 9w

    Jeweled within veil

    Of all things we grant scrutiny.
    Those that are hidden.
    We find in the most fractured of ways.
    To mass in appeal,
    Or shelter your regret.
    What, in the simple chords.
    In this such complex symphony of life.
    Do we find so endearing?
    I know not how to play you.
    But for ages I shall listen.
    Tenderly... in your harsh being.
    I seek out your final form.
    Be it ghastly and ponderous.
    Perhaps meager and full of corruption.
    Yet no matter.
    I need to traverse the chorus.
    The melody of your soul.
    Show me the instructions.
    To the instrument of my demise.
    And I'll play you a beat.
    A beat you most certainly.
    Haven't heard before.