• lackintalent_16 50w


    Relieving the memories
    Is like visiting that ancient monuments
    Or like meeting the ghost of past
    Knowing full well,
    The non-existence of each
    clammed up the sardonic heart
    yearn for the same longings;

    Later these memories unfold it's evil twin - nostalgia,
    Which is nothing but pills of ecstasy
    Seldom bring you any peace,
    On the contrary locked you up in sweet treasure
    An untamed quest to engage in aphrodisiacs pleasures,
    Bring forth nothing but meandering hope
    Just like stone of worth in the captain chest
    Filled with jewelry of perfect peace
    Which merely unravel another fictious tale
    Wherein even the effervescent Prince conjured to its magnetic allure ;

    The same insensate memories
    Has made us prisoners of pride
    And now we have no time to keep people at chest
    And we hide them in wardrobe of best clothes
    Lying useless,
    Ruining day and night in the fiction of mind,
    But ready for creating a new story in the mould of old ones just to make some special instant blest,
    and then you call yourself triumphant
    after losing the last hope!