• quin_pretty 5w

    I heard my doorbell ring, and I went to the door only to see a note instead of a human. I shrugged, and picked it up. It read:

    "Um... Hey! If you're reading this, that means I dropped it at your doorstep. I want to kill myself. If you want to help, call this number."

    As a normal person, I should have ignored it. I should have left the note, and gone back to studying for my exams. I wasn't normal, so I called the number instead praying silently that it wasn't too late. The person picked on the fifth ring.

    "Um... I saw a note at my doorstep with this number on it, and I decided to call it."

    "Really? I sent about a thousand notes. You're the first person to call."

    "That's great, but um, if you don't mind me asking, why do you want it kill yourself?"

    "There's nothing worth living for."

    I bit my lip. "There has to be. Don't you have parents that love you?"

    "My mother died giving birth to my brother and I, and my father is in jail for killing my brother."

    "What about your girlfriend or your wife?"

    "I have neither."


    "I'm a loner."


    "I lost my job two months ago, and I live on the streets."

    Shit! What was I meant to say to this kind of person to convince him to live. "Okay, um..."

    "Look, I appreciate your calling, but it's pointless. Bye!"

    "Wait! Just wait one second. What's your name?"

    "Not important."

    "Where are you?"

    "Why do you want to know?"

    "So I can call the cops or something. They can help you."

    "That's the problem!" He shouted taking me by surprise. "They are trained to handle this kind of situations. They lie to your face to make you feel better. I want one person, just one, who doesn't know me to convince me to live."

    "Why do you want to die?"

    "I told you life is not worth living for."


    "Look I appreciate this but..."

    "No. This whole thing would be on my conscience."

    "To make you feel better, you're the only person that bothered to call so it doesn't matter."

    "Let me just try one more time. Please."

    "Go ahead."

    I took a deep breath in. "Why do you want to die?"

    "If you're going to keep on asking me that question, you're not helping it."

    "Wait, I mean why do you really want to die because I can see that you don't. If you wanted to kill yourself, you would have gone ahead with it, but you didn't. You sent notes out to people to help you because you want to live and just needed to be given a reason why. You're scared of death, but you feel it's the only way out. You l're hopeful that someone would show you that it isn't. That's why you picked up my call. That's why you're still listening to me right now. You don't want to die. You never did."

    He was silent for a while, then he finally said, "My name is Tyler."