• thejainn 5w

    The Most cherished yet regretted moment...

    The bonfire in the winter night at Sumangalam hostel, everyone was enjoying in the moment and yet I was upset on a trivial issue (that my performance was removed, by my own mates)...
    I was there, with my big brothers cum seniors, for sake of only to get some glimpse of her. And afterwards, cause I literally started to cry my Big-B took me for a walk... The street lights were out of service and the path was all dark.
    From the darkness the light of love called me... And asked 'Hey, are you Ok? . We can talk'?

    And that was the gesture of beauty that was offered to me... And I will never forget it.
    And I regret that moment cause I declined her request and walked away with my brother. Even though, I'll pay any amount of money to get that moment back and change the course of my action and live the moment with her.

    P. S. - - - THE ACT OF YOUR KINDNESS. And My foolishness.