• amandalynn78 5w

    How can you put all of it upon me when you done me wrong as well,
    You claim your mistakes, I'm to blame or at least that's the bullshit you go & tell.
    How can you even say that, do you honestly even believe that stupid shit;
    At some point you need to start standing on yours, if you had we probably would have never split.

    I couldn't carry us both, mine alone was heavy enough, why couldn't you see,
    And if you loved me why would you even want to place more on me.
    I couldn't take it anymore I prayed something would finally give;
    It wasnt suppose to be that way, that's not how I wanted us to live.

    My whole life has been fighting & heartache, so pain & fear is all I know,
    You used to take all that away but anymore anger is all that you show.
    And even though I love you still, you alone pushed me out the door;
    All the pain you caused was more than anything I have ever felt before.

    Still, you claim to really love me & you never wanted me to leave,
    Yet, with proof you continue to lie, so never again will your words be something I believe.
    I've finally accepted this even though it ripped my heart out of my chest;
    When I was certain you were the one, unlike anyone, someone I placed high above the rest.

    But, sadly I wasn't the same for you, even my all wasn't close to enough for you,
    Even still, I only want the best for you, to find happiness & all your dreams come true.
    And even though just the thought of you hurts me all over again;
    Never could I forget this love, my love for you that will forever be, my love that's always been.

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