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    Whatever you carry in your heart, the reflection of your skills becomes your evolutionary theory of the visionary world.
    When the mind becomes fringe, it refuses applesauce, the evaluation reveals its upheaval cringe solution, evolution in affection, that brings the revolutionary movement against insolence; insulation prevails.

    Balance in valence: Keep your mind in a peaceful insulation over insanity.

    When you become water, you flow as its nature, once your mind gets enlightened, the darkness can't even absorb.

    Evolution of the Fringe: A band of contrast, brightness or darkness produced by diffraction or interference of light.

    Complexity with own heritage, to balance the advance, adopt simplicity, don't let your mind to complicate your inheritance.

    Valence: the combining power of an element, especially as measured by the number of hydrogen atoms it can displace or combine with.
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