• jammers 9w

    Worth It.

    What are you worth?

    Are you worty your years on earth?
    Are you worth your income?
    That you were able to provide your family with a son?

    Are you worth your Instagram likes?
    Do they provide you comfort in the wake of the night?
    Are you worty that ring made of solid gold?
    The one you never tend to and now it's worn and old?

    Are you worth all the claps on the back?
    Do you feel flattered when someone calls you a snack?
    Are you worth all the messages from apps?
    Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat?

    I lie awake wondering
    If I am enough.

    If I am too difficult to love.

    But a little voice speaks to me
    It tells me what worth should mean to me.

    Do I make myself proud each day?
    Do I act with kindness regardless of feeling a different kind of way?
    Do I smile at strangers?
    Do I hold open doors?
    Do I sit and listen when all I want to do is talk?
    Do I care so deeply that it can come across rude?
    I'm sorry for being blunt, I just care about you.
    Do I make you smile?
    Do i make you laugh?
    How many times did you say to me that I was being daft?

    Worth doesn't come from a long list of things
    That you may or may not have
    It comes from the kindness of your heart
    And your ability to make the people who know you glad.

    "What are you worth?"
    You say to me
    'I'm worth being loved, but I won't beg you to stay with me'
    You give me a smile and kiss my head
    That means more to me than all the words left unsaid.