• shadesofyu 5w

    Goodbye never said.

    It was a rough and bitter evening,

    I was standing in a building trying to sink in with the dry wind,

    which was when i first heard about you,

    A feeling of irritation filled in me,

    following a heavy sigh, “Not again i told myself”

    I was not interested, i couldn’t care less,

    but i made an effort,

    Why? am yet to figure out,

    An effort which came out of no where,

    An effort which i never really wanted to put in,

    I knew i was wasting time,

    I knew i wouldn’t get anything out of it,

    but i still made the effort,

    After a point of time, i started acknowledging my effort,

    I made more effort now,

    It felt like i was getting what i have always wanted,

    The feeling of happiness engulfing me,

    The feeling of being full came by me,

    I felt like i can do everything in this world,

    This feeling finally brought to the person who made  me feel such beautiful things,

    All the happiness in the world was literary in my hands, 

    My hands were full and it seemed like more happiness wanted to seep in,

    I didn’t want to let go of it so i held it tight,

    So tight that not even a little space was left to slip away,

    As the day passed, my hand was loosening by itself,

    “I wish i had realized this before” was the only thought that came to me,

    and by dusk, my hands were open,

    There was just no strength left to close it,

    There was nothing to hold on to,

    What i was thinking as happiness was never happiness for him,

    I didn’t understand what it was,

    Like everyone else, i kept convincing myself for it to be a myth,

    but it turned out to be a fact,

    I was left all alone on the road i had not even taken,

    then i kept telling myself that the road was never destined to be mine, 

    and i only prayed for a better tomorrow,

    because when i sit under a dim light and think about it,

    I realized that my life was so precious to give it off to someone who never even wanted to hold my hand,

    That though my thinking was cloudy, i still had to stick on,

    To see that silver lining which was not seen right now,

    That i needed to find someone more deserving,

    someone who would hold my hand so tight that the happiness which i have been looking for,

    Will never slip away.