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    The Year of 2020

    Well! Did you even know how a home feels unless you're in the quarantine?

    Did you ever feel the enjoyment chatting to your long lost family and friends through duo call or WhatsApp call unless you're feeling bored in the house?

    Did you ever genuinely care and shower your love for yourself, and your family unless you're truly scared of the pandemic?

    Did you ever enjoy each day sitting and resting except weekends unless you're surrounded by the four walls of your room?

    Did you even care of those birds and pets you use to tame in cages, about how they feel unless, you're yourself caged?

    No you didn't, until this year.
    Well! This year is indifferent. This year is special. This year is an exam, an exam to test our patience, an exam to repay the crimes we did against Mother Earth!
    And, not every exam is worst.
    Have patience, have willpower, and pray.
    We'll be successful against the pandemic, against the crisis.

    © Soumili Sarkar