• ritviktuteja 5w

    The Idealist Fairy Tale

    A youthful colleen living with simplicity
    Desired for oneself a world simply ideal
    Switching schools in adolescence,
    Her life was set for surprises pleasant
    Seeking fondness she never thought,
    Eventually with the same man she'd tie the knot

    Before the union with her childhood sweetheart
    Her education & family did surprise her.
    She chose a line into digital marketing
    It's end, she was simply awaiting
    Immortal love for the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S,
    Binge watching its music she'd trill

    The perfect wedding all would say
    A match in heaven were they made
    Relocating cities a new life she'd begin
    Being the perfect consort, living her passion
    Presenting her mellifluous forte on screen
    She won the hearts of each

    A lovable friend, an adoring partner is she
    One whom all would hope to soon meet