• djfernz 5w

    Twenty - 20

    Everything seemed fine till Feb,
    Summer plans were being made.
    Untill the pandemic caught speed,
    And 2020 started to fade.

    I knew I couldn't meet the people I care for,
    I knew I couldn't go out with friends to roam.
    I started missing my morning office coffee so bad,
    Since I started working from home.

    The summers in Goa aren't meant to be spent indoors,
    Which was a constant thought that made me frown.
    But, the doors were shut and the streets were empty,
    Under the guidelines of the lockdown.

    Being home for so long was new, Binge watching on Netflix was great.
    Then I got used to the same routine,
    I lost count of the gained weight.

    Candles were being lit,
    Utensils were literally thundering.
    This stuff probably would happen only in the movies,
    I laid back realizing and wondering.

    Things began getting worse,
    The count of the infected began to rise.
    Watching my dear ones lose their beloved,
    Always got a tear to my eyes.

    These times have changed our lives,
    Barring us from getting what we need.
    I literally wore a mask so tight one day,
    Trust me! I couldn't breathe.

    But one thing I learnt from this was,
    to do what I can with what I have at sight.
    Because, at the end of a dark tunnel,
    There is always an opening to bright light.

    2020 had its ups and downs,
    Life imposes things on us that can't be controlled.
    To learn to live through all of this,
    Is what you need to unfold.