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    This is my word of the day piece, using the word #deny, for the challenge hosted by @writersnetwork
    Apparently I'm now channeling deceased rap artists. ��

    by Carolyn Glackin
    His love - my demise
    Left my heart paralyzed
    Just thought you should know
    A word to the wise
    But he won't admit it
    He'll simply deny
    'Cause when it
    Comes to the truth
    He only tells lies
    I'm not sure what the game is
    But I know he's a player
    Got my heart bleedin' out
    Like he's some kind of slayer
    As God is my witness
    He's got no convictions
    He ain't offerin' love
    He's offerin' pain and restrictions
    He'll work his way in
    With some flattering words
    But don't listen to that
    'Cause his talk is absurd
    You can ask for the truth
    But don't ever believe him
    Better yet, walk away
    Because girl, you don't need him
    He's a fool with an ego
    But don't give him the time
    As he tries to entrap you
    With his lyrical rhyme
    He'll only exploit you
    Defile and disturb
    So take my advice
    And kick his a$$
    To the curb!
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

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    #wod #wordoftheday #writersnetwork

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