• olutola 5w

    Comfort In Mourning

    The weather brought in a shivering cold
                Just after the stormy rain
    The graveyard was thought provoking as usual
    A man then walked towards a tomb with flowers
    His walking steps described his crying soul
        He said "I lost you so soon my angel daughter"
    "The thoughts of your smile serves as my hope
             in this nightmare of a life" his grief crippled
                               him to his knees.
    His voice screamed out in regret and grief
    And echoed round the haven of the resting souls
    His helping hands cuddled him like a baby on the
                        grave of his daughter.
    "Your cheerful soul soared higher than your  sickness" he said with an already tearful voice.
    "But you'll always say, smile dad, always smile"
    He then stood up and dusted himself up hurridly
               "Smile, I will always smile my love"
    "You will remain forever in my heart",he said.