• the_adultoscent 34w

    You think you know them, but it's just a pixelated view of a vivid image.
    Day 15, Prompt 15- Stranger in the night.
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    Lurking in a lonely alley,
    With the moon creeping above,
    We met as vagabond strangers.
    He was a bandit.
    Me, a mistress.
    We were both guilty of robbing what wasn't ours.
    That journey covered in silent understanding,
    Was interrupted by the screaming of our footsteps.
    'Thief, thief, thief', they cried.
    We reached a crossroad.
    Without a flicker of doubt,
    He chose love.
    I chose wealth.
    'Sonder, sonder, sonder', our footsteps whispered.