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    She won't eat unless you have.
    She won't sleep unless you are home.
    She won't go out if you are sick.
    She won't celebrate occasions or festives if you are not home.

    The whole of me thanks the whole of you.

    #ForYou #MothersDay #EverydayIsYours

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    Drenched in the rain,
    'twas pretty late.
    She tip toed on her way in,
    Cursing her inimical fate.

    No leftovers in the fridge,
    The cookwares all bare.
    Her stomach growled for some binge,
    She gave the empty kitchen racks a stare.

    The dinning hall was lit.
    She walked over in a thrill.
    Two plates were still upturned.
    One for her.
    One for Mom.