• dpka_b 5w

    Standing tall
    I braced myself across your threshold.
    Those questioning eyes
    I wasn't prepared for.
    Feet jellied
    My words I minced.
    The day, not so bright
    You appeared before my clouded sight.
    That smile,
    I remember was crooked.
    Transfixed, I caught myself all hooked.
    Words that formed the stairway out of doom
    climbed out the soul that knew none but gloom.
    Courted by the stars, the sky unattainably high
    the earth could just give out a heavy sigh.
    Out a mad woman paced
    Switching streets, half dazed.
    Sanity pleaded with folded hands
    You drifted away as though you were grains of sand.
    And once again braving winds
    and soaking rain.
    At your doorstep,
    Unsure of the grounds
    Among the crowd of those
    pretty known faces,
    That glimmer of recognition
    into those questioning eyes
    is all my heart desires.