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    To my 'Almost',

    We were so close to achieving what I longed for since eternity but fate had something else to offer. We tried every possible way to work things out but ...this "but" is a bitch; but unfortunately we failed. I am writing this not to play any blame games or to think about what went wrong, I am writing this just to give myself a sense of relief.

    You were Ted to my Robin but we didn't end like them though. We were there for each other but still not together. We tried every form of relationship- from being strangers to friends, to girlfriend - boyfriend in school, to again getting out of contact, to again being friends , to being best- friends, to be lovers yet again. Nothing worked, we tried the whole nine yards to stay with each other. We never wanted to end things ,so every time we came with new excuses and explanations to just stick around with each other one more time. Our silly reasons to stay together in whatever way seemed absurd to everyone else. We cared like family, talked like best- friends, visited each other as lovers. Our useless flirt was never off the table which actually mixed the feelings . We supported and even encouraged each other to date someone else and live the life to the fullest. But there was always some sort of hidden jealousy which we tried to hide every time.

    We went from text-messages to facebook messenger to whatsapp to calls to video calls and lastly to mails. Blocking and unblocking was like a game for us. Our relation was very unpredictable. Every time I thought that this was last , this is the final end, there you were with your irresistible voice and sexy looks tempting me. Just kidding , your looks never made me fall for you . It was YOU , the one and only reason to love you and even hate you.

    Sometimes life brings such uncertainty about one person , that everytime we think "that's it" , there is some little hope left somewhere making us believe in the false imagination that "it's not". When that bubble of false hope bursts , it brings with it a sudden gust of air of realization that it is finally over. There will be no coming back and silly excuses now. It hurts , you don't want to believe it but sometime we have to accept the truth and move on.

    You had your reasons , I had mine. We tried our best but it was not enough for us. We kept on coming back, hurting each other more and ignoring the reality purposely just to give ourselves some more temporary happiness. We went in denial. We were just not ready to accept that this has to end for both of us to move on in life. We had to let each other go. And now when it finally happened, as I read your final goodbye , my heart ached and I smiled with tears in my eyes. I felt satisfied and relieved. I know this is the ultimate solution to this "situationship" BUT somewhere in the teeny-tiny corner of my heart I still crave for that uncertainty , excuses and explanations.

    We made mistakes , took each other for granted .And here we are ...couldn't even hug one last time. But let's admit, we were not meant to be together. I promise I will never tell our story to my new friends, I will just refer you as "MY ALMOST". I will cherish the time we spent together and will always remember you as a selfish, irritating , topper neighbour who made my life miserable yet memorable.

    Ending this with OUR perfect dialogue from yjhd:

    "Kahin par pahuchne ke liye , Kahin se nikalna bhaut zaroori hota hai.

    Sahi time pe kattlena chahiye, Nahi toh gile-shikwe hone lagte hai."


    your hater.

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    "Kahin par pahuchne ke liye , Kahin se nikalna bhaut zaroori hota hai.

    Sahi time pe kattlena chahiye, Nahi toh gile-shikwe hone lagte hai."