• kiddy1719 9w

    Is it worth it

    Maybe u felt so blessed to hold  & feed
    Your  baby for the first time
    Is it worth it
    To bring unwanted, unplanned child
    Just to make you happy
    Is it worth it
    when you child is abandoned , unwanted
    Not even for a second remembered
    By the father
    Always balming the kid for your failures
    Why in the world do you only think about your self???
    Is it worth it
    Bringing a child in a half home
    Do you have any idea how the child will feel Every day of his/her life
    Is it worth it
    How he/she trys the best not to hurt you
    While they are born with brokenheart from you
    Do you hav any idea how the child feels?
    Is it worth it
    When a child doesn't knw the face of their father?
    Is it worth it
    when a father cant show up for his own child graduation ?
    Is it worth it
    To see you child life so messed up that they dont knw wt to do?
    Is it worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!     
    To bring them to life for your wants
    And still balme their existence