• inmyshelljustgotohell 6w

    The lump in my throat grows bigger by every passing minute. The possible consequences of the words that would escape my lips stuck in my chest. It's hard to breathe, it's hard to speak.

    I always thought eye contact is intimate, maybe that's why I never let people look into my eyes for too long. I am afraid they will read the stories I carelessly scribble onto them.

    But this once, I desperately wanted to be read. My voice failed me, my lips trembled every time I attempted to say something. I let him look into my eyes, hoping he would know what I feel about him. However, I inadvertently happen to read what he feels about me in his.

    My heart falls a thousand feet, and I grab his shirt just so I don't collapse on the floor because of the jolt I feel between my ribs.

    My eyes start welling up. Tears raging like the waves that will devour anything that comes in its way. But they still can't hide what I feel for him. So I turn away, mumbling a goodbye on the way.

    I rub my eyes vigorously, trying to erase everything I ever wrote on them, about him, about us. And when nothing goes away, the red veins decorate them as a symbol of my heartbreak.