• malaka_ 5w


    You seed the flower
    Watering sunshine
    And it grew to hold the shine
    Would you listen to it's petal
    Before the night fatals
    I wanted to live at you
    If one would pluck it
    Who would Handel?
    Better you keep me into fragrance
    I smell your love,and be the one
    To fade aside,blow of autumn!
    plant myself in your grave,
    The laughter shed in tears
    I would stop my movement
    The heart i will save!
    Gardening your palm
    I wanted to die in your arm!

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    That one day,you will leave in silence
    Done by the pyre,
    I don't know if I would get in rites
    I loved the mask ,where colour hides
    This heart would beat
    And keep the smile
    You wanted me to be bright
    The strength kept the fight
    The seal,pearling fear
    The shine ,i embodied to tears
    I lived the mystery so real
    How anonymously ,a joker
    Masked his funeral!