• joseywhales78 6w

    mixtape nothing but the better

    listen up slippery grimy slimy you motherfuckers can't fucking be real punk motherfucking shit bitch shut my fucking lips to motherfuckers that be broken all that fucking bullshit i don't even believe in your fucking ass nigga fuck you bitch this is real fucking talk from a real nigger get a fuck about your ass and how you fucking feel on the real motherfuckers over here trying to make deals i make motherfucking hoes make feel free they be like god damn feel free upon this fucking land the home of the brave i give the fuck i'm not a slave gives a fuck what you me nigga i misbehave don't you know i'll be a misfit to the fucking foolish it gives a fuck when this gun cock back then i pull it on your fucking ass don't give a fuck about you nigga you can be a fucking punk nigga talking all that shit nigga i would deliver like to use PS trucks UPS mother fucking trucks don't you want to stand what you be like shut up but i be like shut your mouth .