• kanishkajoshi_ 27w

    Today, my brother fell off the vanity and went hysterical out of pain. It's when he started hitting the floor, he felt some better.
    It's become his habit, I think he's turned into a revengeful child.
    But, then I suddenly realized that we elders too are no less.
    Pointlessly hurting the other person just for revenge, without even realizing that it would have zero affect on the latter, is certainly what you call childish behaviour.
    Just like my brother, we all try to hit the floor of our failures.
    This hit me hard, and I was stuck. Soon, my little munchkin brought the solution. Within seconds he was completely unaware of his cut, and was again busy playing.
    It's when he got tired of playing, he simply lied down on the same floor.
    I think my brother is great at spreading smiles and solutions as well.

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