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    The battle I lost

    The battle was announced between me and physics the great warrior.

    I took heed but in a very light-headed manner.

    It took me a few days and night to gather up my armour

    I had the mighty sword capable of destroying anything but was blunt

    Coz I never dare to sharpen it.

    The time drew closer for the day of battle.

    I started my training in a light-headed manner,

    Never noticed that few of my armour was missing.

    Being in a technological world, technology tempted me at some points

    And could not train hard enough to win the battle

    The last day b4 the battle; trained so hard without cease.

    The 16th of Nov; the day of the battle was bright and clear.

    Everybody had been trained accordingly to their ability.

    Physics, the great warrior stood firm and tough.

    I had the best plan A to attack but never had a plan B if plan A failed.

    I just managed to give bruise to its thumb

    I was hurt in different parts of my body and so decided to give up and turn back from the outpost.

    Life might give me a second chance; I'll not let it go in vain.

    The next battle awaits for sure victory and I'm ready with all the armours , sharp sword

    And proper and consistent training.