• faarzii03 25w


    Deep inside there was a crack, and the crack was too deep to make me mad.
    It has broke me into pieces,that cannot be gathered or can be collected by anyone.
    Yes, I am broken by the demise of my dad, I can't live without him.
    It is chocking me inside, damping to its inner core of my heart.
    He was the light in our darkest path,
    He was the happiness in our hopeless life,
    He was the world to us, a treasure which will be digged in our heart for forever.
    Imagining without him, is triggering a gun, shot straight to the head.
    I know its not possible to bring him back, whatever we do.
    Our life wont be the same as it used to be but we know we have to move on with this bitter truth.
    May you always remain happy and guide us to the eternity.
    May your endless guidance will light our path in every aspect of life.
    Your dedication to build us as a generous human being, was and will never be in vain.