• scarla_scorpion 5w

    Bitter Truth or Sweet Lie

    Mean, evil and what not they call me,
    And I don't blame them, that's all they see.
    Rude, sarcastic, I say what I think,
    They say I hurt others in an eye blink.
    My mind is a free bird,
    Other's advise; that's something I never heard,
    Why you ask me?
    Cause I don't know any other way to be.
    Is igniting false hope in others the right way?
    Is flattering things what I should say?
    But why would I do that?
    Why would I wear the liar's hat?
    Just because the world is following that road,
    It isn't compulsory for me to carry the same load.
    Truth can be bitter; most times they say,
    But sweet lies turn bitter too one day.
    So be I mean, evil and everything they say,
    My words do hurt them, take their smile away,
    But at least I don't betray them today,
    By offering sweet lies that'll turn bitter one day.