• idreamofunicorns 6w

    Loveislove ️‍

    I was introduced to the community by Mr. Styles and I can't thank him enough.
    I definitely knew that LGBTQ existed but had no clue about the problems they faced or the judgements they received. When I was a kid I often heard my fellow classmates calling each other GAY or CHAKKA. I think many of us have heard this or even did this or are still doing this. Calling someone gay is not an insult.
    I started supporting the community about 3 yrs ago and all I did to support was talk about it. Educate my friends and my family about it. Even today many of us don't even know about LGBTQ community.
    In the process I have learnt soo much about the world. These beautiful love stories.
    When I shared them with my friends. The first thing I was asked by a few of them was "Are you a Bi too? If not, then why are you talking so much about them and have rainbows on your belongings?"
    seriously? Does supporting human rights mean that I am GAY?
    The only thing that people need to do is change their DAMNED THINKING. Once they do this, they'll see what a beautiful world we live in. A colourful world indeed!