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    Hey mirakeans!

    You would have certainly received love letter isn't it?
    But have you ever heard or received a letter from
    The word 'I love you' itself? If not here is a chance to discover an exclusive journey of i love you

    wishing you a happy reading! ❤

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    How dare you buried me in depth of your soul for so long
    Do you even know how hard it was for me to prolonge

    I prolonge my self all the way floating with the flow your blood.
    It suffocated me, as it was hard for me to breathe in that flood.

    As i sheered inside
    With my suffocating breathe
    I was stunned to see cracks of your heart.
    And that whole instance forced me to question my own existence.
    For the first time i felt the misery of your wounds

    Beside that
    i felt like three mere word.

    Just then some unnatural power hit me down
    And i decided to trail further with all my strength
    And somehow crumbling, trembling , sinking
    I found my way upto the shore of your throat to rest. To breathe finally.

    You are few distance away from your happiness my girl
    You are few miles away from treating your wounds with love
    You are few distance away to live again

    i urge you to libert me out your tongue.
    Because My way out can make it happen.

    Your unrevealed "I love you"

    @essenceof_pain ||payal

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