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    Chapter 15

    Penultimate Lines: Singhi turned back, go and find Navya, once we find her, we don’t need Jig. We only want her to be born baby

    Singhi was excited that he found another way of taking the formula out. All the security went in search of Navya and Jane. Singhi sat there with Jig and started talking.

    S- You need some food? Ahh, you probably would like to hang out with my girlfriend? Right J.
    J- We needed to discuss it, I wasn’t the one who provoked Mishty to come with me. She was our batch mate and after that whatever followed was circumstantial.
    S- Circumstantial? Really? You both conspiring against me?

    Singhi bunched Jig hair in his fist and pulled his head up. “You bastard! I was ambitious. You call your treason as circumstantial. We could have been the best project of our college. We could have our name written on the golden plate of college alumni, but what did you and that bitch do?

    J- That is your perspective friend. I always considered wellbeing of society my priority.
    S- Umhm… Okay, Let suppose for one moment, I agree that you did it for society. But Mishty was mine. (Singhi punched in Jig face). How dare you get along with Mishty?
    J- There is a thing between affection and love. She told me that she was a good friend of yours and that you were a psycho who was overly involved with her, without her concern. I did know your feelings but when she was not interested in you and she and I were happy being together, (Jig spit on Singhi face), we thought of fleeing.
    S (cleaning his face, banged iron rod on jig face) - It will cost you your life bastard!

    After three days.

    The gates open. Jig was still alive on meagre food given by Singhi. Five bodyguards along with Navya, Jane and Ruby enter the dilapidated factory.

    Jig was slightly unconscious.

    Wake up this damn guy.

    Guards splashed water on Jig face. He opened his eyes slowly and had a look. He saw Navya slightly beaten and Jane leashed in chains. Jig was blinking his eyes and smiled at Jane. Jane howled in a sad voice. It was similar to the one she had when Mishty died.

    Unleash my wolf, Jig said in a soft voice.

    Oh what? Unleash my wolf? Why? Are you feeling sick? Singhi exclaimed.

    UNLEASH JANE! Jig shouted in a loud and bold voice. The sound echoed in factory. The person holding the strap of Jane dropped it. Jane ran toward Jig. Singhi fired but it missed Jane leg.

    Singhi said in a mockery voice, Ou sorry! I was checking my pistol. Jig looked at him with red eyes.
    So, are you going to tell me the formulae or you want another of your unborn baby to die?

    Jig smiled in crook. OH really Singhi? Your mania to be a famous person haven’t gone. But I know you have no choice. I will not tell you and you will not let Navya die because she is your last hope.
    Singhi shot toward Navya, Navya closed her eyes in fear. Bullet didn’t miss but hit one of the guard. Jig and Navya looked at him. Oh don’t worry, he wasn’t loyal. He tried to help her escape. Everyone heart was racing fast.

    Why didn’t you tell me? You could have at least told me, we would have fought it together, Navya asked Jig.

    Excuse me melodramatic folks, Singhi interrupted, I am not here to listen your why and how. Tell me the damn formula. Singhi threw Navya on floor. You have five minutes to discuss who is going to tell me the formula. I will spare that one and kill the other.

    Navya looked at Singhi and said, you are a coward!

    Singhi bent down and slapped her. I am a coward? What do you even know about me?

    I need not know anything Mr. Karan Singhi. I very well know your character.

    Singhi smiled and stood up. Now the people having sex with a person who she barely knows from a month will tell me about character.

    Suddenly there was a silence all around. Singhi saw a movement outside. Someone is here.
    All the guards got alert. Then turned back and aimed at the door. Everyone was quiet. While Singhi was trying to listen what was happening outside, Navya quickly cut the ropes of Jig with a broken glass piece. She slightly cut her hand too. Jane was also freed from the chains. Jig slightly bent and took the pistol thrown by Singhi.

    Your game is over Singhi, Jig aimed at Singhi’s head.
    Oh wait, what is the point of being spontaneous. Guard went out and checked, there was no one at front door. He came and informed Singhi. Soo you think you are going to kill all five of us with just a pistol. Singhi was flipping a gold coin in his hand.

    So none of you are going to tell me. My two years are wasted. Okay mate, have a nice journey in haven, fire both of them, Singhi ordered.

    All the guards pointed their ak47 on Navya, Jig and Jane. As soon as they were about to pull the trigger, a storm of fire fell on them from roof. It was police. Singhi took shelter near the machine and took the rifle of one of his dead guard. He shot a series of bullets at Jig. Jig aimed five shots at Singhi and four of them hit him on his chest.

    Singhi stood half dead and pulled the trigger. Jig was all inn blood and fell on the floor. Jane jumped at Singhi and tore of his neck. Navya was sitting there with Jig in her lap. She was crying and asking what happened and why did it happen. Jane came and licked his master’s face.

    I am sorry Jane, I have to go. Take care of them. There is a bag at your home terrace. You will find your answers there.

    Jig kissed on Navya lap, hugged Jane and left for another journey. All the left over police officers were there and looked at floor. They couldn’t save a worth it life.

    The END
    Epilogue on the way.

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    Chapter 15