• julyhues 5w

    Shall I ?

    I've never felt the warmth of his breath
    No puffs from his lips 
    No deep gaze fixated 
    His arms were never around my waist
    No pangs of pain i felt
    No yearnings 
    I didn't long 
    his calls
    he was but a pal 

    In my poetry 
    He was there
    In life, he disappeared 
    I don't know what defines love
    Where does it flow
    How it stays 
    But  you wait
    For the right time
    For that moment
    He plays

    He's in dreams 
    When I'm alone 
    I lie my head 
    On his shoulder
    He's beyond reality 
    Like that unshakeable boulder 

    Two decades 
    He remains incognito 
    Shall I or shall I not
    Say it 
    Or depart
    Let me say
    Let him feel

    Love can happen 
    Without a say 
    In this world 
    How do you find a soul
    Who understands
    Without getting astray