• rain_e 9w

    Quite Quieter

    I feel like I am drowning in an ocean
    Why do I only feel it ,When world keeps saying
    It isn't deep enough.
    I cant fly coz my wings are broken
    I also cant walk , coz my legs are hurting

    All in this room
    As the clock's not moving
    Days and nights are passing in gloom
    World has been restricted with walls
    I keep watching the phases of moon
    No stars shining bright in the sky
    No friends are there ,For our natural satellite
    Even it is left alone , I think its all weak now
    Even moonlight can't heal my wounds
    I feel like I am more concerned
    Than the world
    My hearts beating faster
    It's trying its best to cope up
    And not being burned

    It is a bit lonely in here
    Quite quieter and alone
    Never seen this before
    It's more broken than it earlier was..