• tiyasaa 6w

    It's been 15 years since when we first met. But if I ain't wrong, I guess nothing has changed! You've always been my mother, my father, my fashion police and my everything!
    Thanks for giving me a life full of joy, cheering me up whenever I felt low and for never letting me down. You're the one who has taught me not to fit to someone else's perception of 'PERFECT' and to be 'PERFECT' in my own ways...for myself!
    You're the one who has taught me to be myself, while flaunting the way I am!
    To be honest, you're the one who has taught me of everything I've known by now!
    Last but not the least...thanks for tolerating all our tantrums through it all!
    Even though in order to thank you, it'll take a big fat novel with my sweet little life devoted to it completely...I think I've tried my best?!

    Lastly, Happy birthday to the most breathtaking person in my life...and always remember that I love you, no matter what!

    -From, your favourite child❤