• hopesndreams 9w

    Just A Dream

    I remembered I was in the shore beside a still blue crystal sea.
    I was walking around thinking and wondering where will it end.
    I kept on walking and walking down the shore to see
    If this shore has an ending, or if I could find a friend.

    While walkin', I looked from a far to see what's over the horizon.
    There was nothing here but me and this beautiful creation.
    I tried to looked on that golden sun that shineth the whole place.
    I can't even imagine that I could see this place face to face.

    While the sun was setting down, the moon rises up
    And I can still see all those beautiful mountain tops.
    As the night came, the twinkling beautiful stars falls down,
    And it was sparkling the dark neon-blue crystal sea all around.

    The fireflies also came out and shines the dark,
    It was just because of that beautiful little spark.
    As I listen to the beautiful music that I hear
    I'll lie down and watch the shooting stars as they fall so near.

    I tried to close my eyes to feel everythin' around me
    And then the music I heard suddenly stops and everythin' was at peace.
    I opened up my eyes to see what is happenin'
    Then I realized it was just a beautiful scene of my dream.