• sureshaanadan123 38w

    One of train journey way in the Kuttanad

    Enjoying the beauty journey in the Kuttanad by train Alappuzha District kerala in India. Most of the houses in the courtyard should be covered with a minimum of knee-high water to get to their homes. They also wear high-cum boots up to cover the knee.
    I asked a man sitting of the opposite
    Side. Which purpose all are wered the shoes who said there were so many snakes in the water. Most people put their cars and two-wheelers in a few drowning in water houses people
    live together a lot here.

    I was on my way to the Guruvayur
    Thiruvananthapuram Intercity in the morning. As described here, the usual morning 0639 leaves Ambalapuzha at 0640 today train so late near about one hours at 0740 hrs. Since it is a small station, running late for an hour
    There is nothing miserable for the travelers did not say.

    In any case, this as part of my train journey life for me since there are so many journeys. Once again we are enjoying these sights and the journey continues to Ananthapuri (Thiruvananthapuram). I wondered if the beauty and suffering of the people living in Kuttanad was beautiful.

    Because if my next birth is in this Kuttanad, I too will have to meditate
    Like this Then today you called me
    Tomorrow Let’s stop thinking ..

    Any minister not in the houseboat.
    This is a chance to go for a night's sleep in a rain-drenched house during these rainy days and humbly I request for it.