• poetryfromher2 6w

    Wrote this to clarify a scene of the novel I'm writing. Was like why not post it on here?

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    A Broken Promise

    There she lays, fainted on the bed
    Terrible thoughts running through my head
    Found her covered in red, screaming
    The maid kept her forehead cleaning
    Been laying there since the evening
    Is she asleep or day dreaming?
    Even though we have gone through it
    Feel like the first time, as clueless
    Lying like a dead corpse, bizarre
    It has been hours, still here we are
    I'll be dying till the morning
    Someone could've gave me a warning
    But it's a path we need to pass
    Feel my heart pulsing in my hand
    Now for her to wake up, my god
    I will give everything I have