• varsha_sudhakar 10w


    I dont find any point in this secret mission!
    Take a handkerchief, bury the sanitary pad inside it,
    Be careful that not a hint of green is shown outside.
    Act normal!
    Take it along with you, with your hands so tight on it.
    Cuz if you slip it down,so does your shame.
    Relax,no one will see through!
    And once you reach the restroom,
    Tadaa! You are free to open the mystery.
    Now be bold and brave!
    Because thousands of girls can know about your periods but a single boy shouldn't.
    They don't want to hear about that!
    I wonder will they even know making babies is related to that!
    They want their girl to moan as they go deep!
    But who cares when she cries silently in pain not being able to fall asleep!
    A girl is a girl afterall.
    Do boys have something to hide even?
    Something personal not to be said.
    While some of them are already sending their dick pics to a random girl
    Whom they just texted!
    Stay silent girl ...dont open up!
    Cuz its about your periods...Ssshhh!