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    I love shorter nights and longer days, due to some absurd reason. But that day I literally wanted night to last forever long, something which will not end till the doomsday.

    It was 1:20 am by my watch and we both were holding tea in our respective thermocol glass, which was slowly losing it's warmth in the cold weather.

    Complete silence.
    We could hear the dew drops slowly settling on the leaves. We could hear tea being boiled in the pan on at the tea stall.

    He spoke, breaking the silence,
    "Megha, I think, I should go now. I have my flight tomorrow. Got to do lots of packing."

    "Umm... yeah...
    Are you sure you wanna leave Delhi forever and go to an extremely unfamiliar place like Chennai for your graduation?"
    My hands almost freezed, my limbs started to shake when I was saying that all.

    "Yeah, I'm sure... I will be happy there. After all Delhi hasn't been kind to me, I got nothing here." He spoke without any hesitation.

    (What? You got nothing? Who the hell am I then? We met 4 years ago at this stall.. and now you wanna leave this place?) The cortex of my brain constantly poked such thoughts into my veins.

    "So will you come to meet me? Like in a month, in a year or so?" I asked.

    "Naa yaar, why will I? Though you are my best friend, and you'll be missed. But I just won't return." He didn't stammered.

    "But Chirag!

    Aah! Okay fine. We will stay in touch." I ended the conversation.

    We sipped the tea which apparently happen to lose it's warmth.
    And waited at the roadside for the sun to rise.

    It was 4:20.
    We sat in the car, he drove me back to my place.

    It was 4:53, when the car stopped at my not so desired destination, my heart sank down into the oceans.

    It was 4:55, when we both were out of the car.

    It was 5:00 when I hugged him, bidding a farewell.

    It was 5:04 when he left.
    He left me forever.

    There is a guilt that I may die with, I could never confess him that how truly I loved him.
    I could never confess him that he was more than a best friend to me.

    And now it's been 2 years since Chirag left, and you know what hurts?

    That tea stall.

    When I see that tea stall I'm reminded of that tea which lost it's warmth in our coldness.
    © Sagacious_miss

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