• manali_deshpande 30w

    i would call you up at the
    middle of the night,
    sobbing and screaming
    about how i am fed up of my job,
    and pour myself out
    until your eyes are wide open.
    You would shush me,
    and ask me if my new roomie
    had made me a hot chocolate yet,
    and i would tell you,
    that nothing soothes me best,
    as the one made by you
    Even talking about your hot chocolate,
    would cheer me up somehow,
    and everything i would whine about,
    would go away in a puff of dust.
    You know, how anything about food could brighten me up,
    so you would keep talking about pizza,
    and my favourite mint choco chips ice cream for a few minutes,
    until i would fall asleep.
    I don't know how you do that,
    but there is something in you,
    that makes everything better.
    the next morning,
    you would leave me a message,
    telling me that, it's okay to have
    a breakdown sometimes,
    and how cranky i can get
    if i skip my breakfast.
    You would somehow
    easily make me smile,
    as if it was your everyday job,
    and as if our souls were
    intertwined as the two strands
    of DNA.

    Ever since maa left,
    baba told me that maa still lives
    somewhere here, between us,
    all i'd to do was to find her love.
    i never believed him for saying this,
    until you came and consoled me
    when i cried alone inside the class,
    for missing maa,
    while everyone was out
    enjoying their tiffin break.

    But today, when i look back
    i realised,
    how baba was right about
    finding maa,
    about finding her love,
    i found her traces in 'you'.

    You know, how they say,
    a mother is a best friend to her daughter?
    Well, i would say
    i eventually
    found my mother, in my 'best friend'.